A Little About The Vintage Gourmet


Hiking in the Cascades

The Vintage Gourmet blog has been around for a few years – owned by Jen (me) and Eric – sometimes referred to JenEric.  It started as an online photo album and journal of our move from California to Seattle, and the adventures we were having in our new home.  It originally debuted as Seattle Tales.  Our target audience at the time was our family and friends as we embarked on our new journey in the Pacific Northwest.  Eric has done the majority of the writing and the photography.  I mostly posed for photos and did some proofreading.

As we settled in to normal life, The Vintage Gourmet blog started to collect dust.  We’d post here and there, but to say the least, it became neglected.   Over the last few months we’ve thought of resurrecting the blog and refining our topic focus to what we love;  food, wine, cocktails, and travel adventures.  We are now ready to take a more active role, building on what Eric started, and grow The Vintage Gourmet into a collection of adventures, trips, food, wine, and our musings.  That’s not to say that we won’t post an occasional blog about our cat or other random topic!

In resurrecting The Vintage Gourmet blog, we hope to better connect to our passions and interacting with others who share those passions.  I’ve been reading more blogs lately, and I really enjoy learning how others are experiencing life and sharing their adventures.  I hope that Eric and I can spark other’s curiosity and sense of adventure through The Vintage Gourmet.

Last year, a business opportunity called, and we had to leave our beloved Seattle life.  We currently live in Southern California.  We hope to take The Vintage Gourmet to the next level, and use it as our little slice of the internet to share what we love and what makes us tick.

We’d love to have you join us. . .


One thought on “A Little About The Vintage Gourmet

  1. i totally understand i had a blog taking dust for years as well and eventually deleted it but best of luck on reviving your blog im a chef so u got a reader right here.

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