Historical View of our Home

We thought it would be fun to post an old photo of our home that we found on the King County Assessments site. Unfortunately there is no record as to when the photo was taken, but still fun to see how things looked “back then”!

Five Photo Favs – October 2010

Here are our top 5 favorite photos from October. Make sure to click the link “Click Here to Read the Full Story” below to see all the photos!

Sunset on Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Roasting Oysters on Kiawah Island, South Carolina
Bike ride on the Burke Gilman Trail – Seattle, WA
Cool old ship in Lake Union – Seattle, WA
Water feature in the new Lake Union Park – Seattle, WA

A Monster at the Met

All coupons are not created equal. So when you find that diamond in the ruff it’s an unwritten rule that you must let go of your inhibitions and take full advantage of the opportunity. At least that’s the protocol that we live by. So when Jen received the mother of all deals in her email inbox, we made haste for the Metropolitan Grill (a fancy Seattle steakhouse) for some culinary mischief. The deal? Buy one entree at full price and get a second of equal or less value for free.

For those of you that have heard of WAGU grade steak, you know the succulent nature of fiber. Make it a Ribeye and you have just entered into a new dimension of bliss. So when faced with the choice of which steak to choose in order to set the bar for the evening, I took the plunge and ordered up the 35 ounce masterpiece of Ribeye. This also provided Jen with quite a budget to do her worst; after a few minutes of weighing options she choose a 13 ounce fillet Mignon – yup, I said 13 ounce.

Needless to say, our dinner selections spanned two full nights, as the left over’s alone seemed enough to feed a table of four. We dined, we drank and we did so in a way that would make the Romans proud (less the purging of course) with huge guilt-free grins on our faces. After all, there is nothing like feeling as though you somehow got one past the man – in this case, we certainly felt that we did.

Rest assured that if we manage to snag another coupon with this kind of buying power, it too will be deserving of its own blog post. Happy hunting bargain hunters!

And now for the proof of our debauchery…

Five Photo Favs – August 2010

Sometimes it’s fun to browse through all the photos and post a few that really stand out.  It may be because it was a particularly fun adventure or perhaps the pic just has that certain artsy flair, or maybe (just maybe) we were able to capture that all elusive “good” photo of one or both us?  Yes, it actually can happen from time-to-time.

Anyway, here are a few that I spotted from our library – click to view in full size for maximum enjoyment:

Puppy Power – long jump at the Seattle Bites Festival 2010

Love this picture of my lady on a swing in Denny Park!
A fantastic day on the Seattle Waterfront – that’s a big pier!
Flame On! Banana Fosters at El Gaucho – yum.
This one fits in the “artsy” class – best at full size!
Stay tuned for five more photo favs next month!

City Cat Perch

Miss Margaret McClung

Here sits the princess, soaking in the sights of her Emerald City. Maggie has claimed several perfect napping areas throughout our apartment, most of which offer stunning view of the city below. This one is no exception. There are only two things that can wake her from her slumber – sounds from the kitchen or a sighting of her nemesis – enemies by nature like dog and cat, too large to catch but worthy of feline bravado – the Seagull, bird of the sea!

Despite the lack of sun, she seems perfectly content and did not even stir as I snapped a few photos of her life of leisure. Ah to be a cat – maybe next time.

Hanging by a Thread

Window washer hanging from the Quest Communication Building, Seattle
Of course we all know that skyscraper windows must get washed, but witnessing firsthand just how it is done is quite impressive. Now I don’t consider myself to be afraid of heights, but I must admit that dangling from a rope 30+ stories above the streets of Seattle might make me a bit queasy! I guess this goes to show that there truly is a job out there for all of us.

Take a gander at this view to see just how “high” this guy really is!

Can you spot him?

A Concert for One

Seattle Street Performer with a Captive Audience
It was a rainy Sunday afternoon a few weeks back when I captured this shot. This young boy stood and studied the street performer’s every move, gently weaving to the lyrics and completely mesmerized by what he saw. Clearly the guitar player didn’t seem to mind as he focused his attention on his most loyal fan. In the end the man received his just reward when the boy’s parents dropped a few bucks in his cup for babysitting!

City Portions


We ordered the cheese plate … for two! Also had 4 of the best cocktails ever made, at Olivers. I love this city!